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Submission Requirements

The following are guidelines for preparing your entry PDF Presentation.

  • Provide one presentation in PDF format with no more than 10 slides (pages). The file name should be the same as the project name (for example, “Jones- House.pdf”). Do not identify the entrant or firm/affiliation on the PDF file. Jurors will review presentation files on computers as well as on a large TV screen. 8.5“ x 11” horizontal pages are recommended.
  • Presentations should be concise and of high graphic quality. They may not contain sound, animation, video clips, panorama movies, or hyperlinks.
  • Each PDF Presentation must not exceed 15 MB.  

Data Sheet

  • The Data Sheet should be a one-page PDF document (8.5”x 11”) containing an image (a representative photograph or drawing) and a brief paragraph describing the project, all on a white background. The image must be no larger than 5”x 7”. The narrative should describe the project in no more than 200 words. Include program requirements and design solutions, and briefly detail information sup- porting objectives such as sustainability, energy-efficient performance, etc.
  • Do not identify the entrant or firm/affiliation on the Data Sheet. 

Completed Entry Form and Payment

  • Each entry must include a fully completed Entry Form approved by all appropriate parties. Submissions must be paid online using a credit/debit card.

For additional criteria, download the entire Submittal Requirements

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